Money plays a significant role in this series. In this fictional world currency takes the form of coins instead of paper money. There are copper, silver and gold coins. In this setting  there are many kingdoms that are spread across the land. Many of those kingdoms produce their own currency. The currency of the kingdoms are not exclusive to there respective kingdom but can be used anywhere. 


The values of the coins are not set in stone, they are determined by the purity of the metal that makes up the coins. In short, the more silver in a silver coin the more valuable the coin. The purity of coins are constantly changing; going up and down. The rise and decline of the worth of these coins depends on the particular kingdom a coin was minted from.

Box of Trenni

Lots of Trenni

The purity of coins usually does not drastically change often. However, when they do, it can make or break the coin's reputation and trust among the people.


When it comes to money there are a couple of "traditions" that pop up in the series. Theses are the known ones in the anime adaption.

  1. Bag of gold


    When a person deals with wheat that person is able to receive payment in the form of any silver coin that he/she desires.
  2. When exchanging money through a money dealer the coins are packaged differently based upon material of the coin; ( gold gets a box, silver gets a bag, copper gets held in hand)
  3. If someone drops a coin during a money exchange the first one to grab it gets to keep it



  • (According to Lawrence) 1 Lumione gold coin is equal to 35 Trenni silver coins.(During the anime Lumiome also was equal to 33 and 32.5 Trenni silver coins)
  • (According to Lawrence) one person can survive modestly for several days off 1 silver coin.
  • (According to a transaction between Lawrence and Norah) 1 Trenni silver coin is roughly equal to 22.5 Trie copper coins.