Elsa Schtingheim
Lawrence and Holo are greeted by Elsa at the Church doors; vol 04
Character Information
Title/Occupation Deaconess, responsible of the village´s church
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Church
Voice Actor n/a
First Appearance Volume 04, chapter 01, page 25 (light novel, Eng. ver.), Tereo Church; volume 07, chapter 36, page 09 (Manga, Eng. ver.), burial of Father Franz
Last Appearance Volume 14, epilogue, page 232 (light novel, Eng. ver.), the courtyard of Philon's shop; volume 12, chapter 74, page 152 (Manga, Eng. ver.), "bidding farewell"
Location Tereo

Elsa Schtingheim appears for the first time on Volume 4(chronologically right in the middle of the 2 arcs of the second season of the anime, was not adapted) and is presented as responsible of the church in the village of Tereo. She is an exceptional case for having a woman taking the post, due to being chosen for training by Father Franz and the lack of personnel after his death.

Appearance Edit

Elsa Schtingheim is portrayed as a young girl of shorter stature, with tightly bound-up dark brown hair, and honey yellow eyes, wearing a long-sleeved priest's robe. Her appearance is also characterized by a layer of freckles along the top of her nose and under her eyes, accentuated bangs due to the tightly bound hair, and a wooden pendant of the church's symbol which is worn around her neck.

Personality Edit

Elsa is first introduced as cold, suspicious and unwelcoming, questioning Lawrence and Holo on their visit to the church and even lying about her knowledge of Diendran Abbey. Said attitude is mostly a consequence of the situation of the village and their dislike towards the church. She is later revealed to be Gyoam Evan´s lover which together with her expending time with Lawrence and Holo makes her show a more soft and caring side. She desires to protect her village and would go to the extent of risking her life in doing so. She desires for people to be rightful and behave correctly and therefore condemns Holo for her carefree way of acting, this takes more color once she meets Tote Col during Volume 14 and starts teaching him how to behave properly, challenging Holo´s authority.

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