Fleur "Eve" Boland
Eve Boland
Character Information
Title/Occupation Merchant
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Church (former)
Voice Actor Romi Paku (Japanese)

Stephanie Young (English)

First Appearance Wolf and Playful Days
Last Appearance Wolf and Endless Tears
Location Lenos (Light Novel volume 5)

Kerube (Light Novel volume 8 & 9)

Fleir von Eiterzental Mariel Boland (フルール・フォン・イーターゼンテル・マリエル・ボラン), generally referred to as Eve Boland, is a female statue merchant in the port town of Lenos.


Eve is almost always covered up with a large dark cloak and turban. She is around 20 to 25 years old with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She is about the same height as Lawrence. 


Eve is usually cloaked and shrouded in mysteries. Due to events in the past, this trader is wary of just about everyone. Although hard to approach, Eve is talkative under the right circumstances and has a keen eye for people and business alike. She is in fact a fallen noble that was once sold as slave to another merchant after her family's fall. She has described herself as charming. She organized a secret smuggling operation with the church then left it after she felt that they don't need her cooperation anymore then made a contract with Lawrence, though it turned out that Eve betrayed Lawrence, taking his share with her after knocking him unconscious.


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