Spice & Wolf Light Novel Audio book (Prologue)02:47

Spice & Wolf Light Novel Audio book (Prologue)

An English translation of the opeing passage from the first light novel

Isuna Hasekura

Here is a photo of the author. The image came originally from another Wolf and Spice Blog:

Isuna Hasekura (支倉 凍砂 Hasekura Isuna) is the Japanese, award-winning author of Spice and Wolf which was his first literary work. He was born December 27, 1982) and is presently a student at Rikkyo University where he studied physics.

Isuna Hasekura books

Author holding two of his creations

Wolf and Spice Publication and AwardsEdit

In 2005, Hasekura won the Silver Prize in the twelfth Dengeki Novel Prize with his debut novel Spice and Wolf. The first volume was published the following year..

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