After the reunion with Holo, she and Lawrence decided to chase after Eve to get back the share she had stolen from Lawrence. In order to do so, they get on a boat which belongs to a man called Ragusa and take on their trip. Eventually, they arrive at a checkpoint of the Diejin dukedom where they see a boy arguing with a local guard. Apparently, the guard wanted the boy to pay a certain toll, which the lad refused as he showed him a document which supposedly guranteed that it's owner didn't have to pay the fees. However, the seal on the document was fake, though the boy did not know this. Although Holo pitied the boy and wanted Lawrence to help him, he refused saying that the boy had to beg for help himself if he wanted to be helped. Suddenly though, the lad called out to Lawrence calling him 'Master' (though that is obviously a lie) hence gambling everything on the chance that Lawrence would indeed help the boy out of the situation. As Lawrence is not a man who would go back on his word, he played along and saved the lad.

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