Spice and Wolf is a Japanese light novel series written by Isuna Hasekura with accompanying illustrations drawn by Jū Ayakura.

Volume listEdit

Volume Japanese Release English Release Description


February 10, 2006 December 2009

Lawrence meets Holo in the town of Pasloe. Holo feels that the townspeople of Pasloe have rejected her, and convinces Lawrence to take her back to her home in the north, Yoitsu. As they begin their travels together, Lawrence hears of a potentially profitable currency speculation deal, but soon Lawrence and Holo get in well over their heads, and Lawrence has to decide if profit is worth sacrificing his newfound companion.

2 June 10, 2006 June 2010 Lawrence, with Holo's help, has made a good deal in Poroson, to transport a load of armor to Ruvinheigen on margin. On arriving in Ruvinheigen he discovers that the value of the armor has plunged, leaving him bankrupt. He and Holo recruit shepherd Norah Arendt to assist them in a desperate scheme to save Lawrence from bankruptcy. Lawrence, Holo, and Norah soon learn, however, that some business partners cannot be trusted.
3 October 10, 2006 December 2010 Lawrence and Holo continue their journey to Holo's home - which Lawrence has heard was destroyed centuries ago, though he has hidden it from her thus far. In Kumersun, local merchant Amati falls for Holo, and forces on Lawrence a dagger-contract; he will pay Holo's (supposed) debt to Lawrence, free her, and propose marriage to her. Then, to make matters worse, Holo learns about Yoitsu's destruction, and distraught, lashes out at Lawrence, threatening to leave him for Amati. Lawrence hastily develops a plan to prevent Amati from fulfilling the contract, hopefully preventing Holo from leaving him for good.
4 February 10, 2007 June 2011 Lawrence and Holo stop in the village of Tereo, hoping to learn more about the fate of Yoitsu and Holo's friends. As they near Holo's home - their ultimate destination - they must face some uncomfortable questions about their future together and what will happen between them after they reach Yoitsu. During their stay in Tereo, they become entangled in a dispute between it and a neighboring town. Lawrence and Holo use their unique talents in an attempt to rescue themselves and the town from financial ruin - or worse.
5 August 10, 2007 December 2011 Holo and Lawrence reach Lenos, where they sense that something is amiss. Lawrence's merchant curiosity soon gets the better of him, much to Holo's dismay, and he is presented with an incredible opportunity by a mysterious fellow merchant named Eve - one that could easily make his dream of owning his own shop come true, though it forces him to weigh his dream against his feelings for Holo. Meanwhile, Holo reveals one of her greatest fears to Lawrence, and wonders if it is time for them to end their journey together.
6 December 10, 2007 June 2012 Lawrence and Holo set off by boat in pursuit of Eve, who has pressed on with her scheme despite Lawrence withdrawing his support. During the trip, the two deal with the changes in their relationship brought about by Lawrence's confession of love to Holo at the end of the previous volume. While at a river checkpoint, Lawrence and Holo rescue a young boy from the north named Col and take him under their care, the three of them increasingly resembling a family. As they talk with Col and the other travelers they meet along the way, they learn more about what has become of Yoitsu and Holo's ancestors.

7 (Side Colors)

February 10, 2008 December 2012

A detour of the orginal Storyline which presents several stories about the main characters in the series. One of the stories is about Holo hundreds of years ago before she arrives in Pasole.

8 (Town of Strife 1) May 10, 2008 April 2013 Hearing rumors of a “leg bone of the wolf” being used as an artifact of the Church to showcase its power, Lawrence and Holo head to the site to gather more information. Holo can’t just turn away from what might be a relic of her own kind, after all. Of course, upon arrival, the travelers find that the town is the center of a giant trade dispute! Seems that Col will be getting a lesson in microeconomics!
9 (Town of Strife 2) September 10, 2008 August 2013 The capture of a narwhal and the ensuing power struggle between the norther and southern districts in Kerube has Lawrence caught in the middle! Backed into a corner by his own trade guild, can the merchant find a way to extricate himself from this delicate situation? And what of the wolf bone from Holo's pack? Can the Wisewolf of Yoitsu manage to keep her rage and frustration in check?
10 February 10, 2009 December 2013 After the turmoil in Kerube, Lawrence and his companions make for the Kingdom of Winfiel across the sea. Thier destination is the great abbey of Brondel, said to hold the wolf bones they seek. Arriving in the kingdom, they hear tell that the abbey, normally prosperous due to its great wool trade, has fallen into a financial crisis. Worse, the most powerful economic force in the world - the Ruvik Alliance - is entering the kingdom with its eye upon the abbey's land holdings...
11 (Side Colors 2) May 10, 2009 April 2014 As with the first Side Colors volume, Side Colors II departs once more from Lawrence and Holo's travels north, taking the reader off the beaten path to explore three exquisite side stories. Remember, it's not so much about the destination, as it is the journey...
12 August 10, 2009 August 2014 To obtain a map of the northlands, Lawrence and company leave the Kingdom of Winfiel and return to Kerube. While searching out a silversmith of notorious reputation, they are introduced to the beautiful Fran Vonely, who offers to provide what they seek. However, Fran's map comes with a price - in exchange, the party must travel with her to a village where an angel is said to have alighted and discover the truth behind the legend. But what of a rumour that a witch lives in the very same vilage...?
13 (Side Colors 3) November 10, 2009 December 2014 This collection of short stories from the world of Spice & Wolf features three new vignettes from Lawrence and Holo's journeys, as well as a novella that follows Norah the shepherdess and her faithful sheepdog, Enek, as they put the city of Ruvinheigen behind them and try to forge a new path for themselves...
14 February 10, 2010 April 2015 Thanks to the silversmith Fran, Lawrence now has a map of the North. But Lawrence's gladness at the thought of finally being able to take Holo back to her home is short-lived, as upon revisiting Lenos he is embroiled in the strife surrounding a forbidden text. It is said that this mysterious book contains details of methods that threaten the land of Yoitsu itself. But in trying to get his hands on the book, Lawrence, who must return to the marketplace, finds himself running out of time to head for Yoitsu with Holo...Pressed into making a decision he may ultimately come to regret, which option will Lawrence choose?!
15 (Solar Gold Coin 1) September 10, 2010 August 2015 The Myuri mercenary band--a troop named for one of Holo's old comrades. In order to find them, Lawrence and Holo make for Lesko, a town dominated by the copper-trading Debau Company. Rumors of the Debau Company's schemes to both open more mines and seize control of the northern lands swirl, along with rumors that they're concentrating military power in the town in preparation. But when Lawrence and Holo arrive in Lesko, they discover a surprisingly cheerful and peaceful place. What is really happening? Find out as the final act of Holo the Wisewolf and Lawrence the traveling merchant's long journey draws close to its end!
16 (Solar Gold Coin 2) February 10, 2011 December 2015 The introduction of a new currency in the town of Lesko has filled Lawrence with boundless optimism, but his dreams come to a sudden and harsh end when two men from the Debau Company present him with a grim token-Col's traveling bag. With his young friend's safety threatened and the stability of the town suddenly in doubt, Lawrence's plans to open a shop are dashed. Separated from Holo yet again, he finds himself a forced participant in a desperate scheme to reclaim the Debau Company from the nobility who now control it. But when mercenary armies clash in the mountains, what will become of Lawrence and Holo? For good or ill, the finale of their tale is at hand!

17 (Epilogue)

July 10, 2011 April 2016 Several years have passed since the incidents surrounding the Coin of the Sun. Having received a letter from Holo, Norah the former shepherdess and Eve the merchant woman travel north--and on the way, they end up in the same wagon as Diana the alchemist! Were Lawrence and Holo able to find happiness for themselves? In addition to an epilogue covering the days immediately after the events of Volume 16, this final book in the Spice and Wolf series includes three new short stories!
18 (Spring Log) September 10, 2016 - Travelling merchant Lawrence met a wolfgod Holo that have wolf ears and tail in midst of his travel. The two journeyed towards Holo's home Yoitsu, and at the end of their long journey, they arrived at the hot spring town of Nyohira. Lawrence's ended his travelling merchant life, and choose to live his life with Holo at that place. 10 years later, Lawrence started his business of running a bathhouse named Spice and Wolf. Though everyday is hectic/busy, he is living his peaceful days with his loving wife Holo, and his daughter Myuri. At this bathhouse that are filled with happiness and laughter, how will the story be spun?