Marten Liebert
Martin Liebert
As he seen in the anime
Character Information
Title/Occupation Merchant
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Lemerio Trading
Voice Actor Kenyu Horiuchi (Japanese)

Chuck Huber (English)

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Last Appearance {{{last}}}
Location Ruvinheigen

Marten Liebert is a minor character in the first season. He is an business worker for Hans Lemerio.


Marten is middle aged man around 30. He sports short blonde hair and a matching goate. He is usually seen wearing a black cloak with his work attire and a dark beret.


Not much is known about his personality. He assisted Lawrence in the gold smuggling job for Hans Lemerio and during that time he was extremely tensed and nervous due to the high risk of the job. 

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