Character Information
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Gender Female
Race Half-Deity
Affiliation(s) Kraft Lawrence (father)

Holo (mother)

Voice Actor none
First Appearance Volume 17
Last Appearance
Location Nyohhira

Myuri (ミューリ Born In October 12th,2006 age 10) is the daughter of Lawrence and Holo. She is the protagonist of new series Spice And Wolf New Theory.

History Edit

Myuri first appears on the final illustration in the last novel of the original series as an infant. Ten years later she lives with her parents at their inn in Nyohhira, and has never left town her whole life. When she hears the story of her parents' travels, she begins to hope that she will experience the life of the outside world one day.

Personality Edit

Myuri is a tomboyish but a very diligent girl who loves mischief.


Like her mother, Myuri has several supernatural abilities.

  1. Camouflage: Thanks to being cross-breed between Human and Wolf Deity, Myuri is able to hide her wolf tail and ears as she wants and looks like a normal human girl.


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