Character Information
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Gender Female
Race Half human/Half wolf deity
Affiliation(s) Kraft Lawrence (father)

Holo (mother)

Voice Actor none
First Appearance Volume 17
Last Appearance
Location Nyohhira

Myuri (ミューリ) is the daughter of Lawrence and Holo. She is the protagonist of new series Spice And Wolf New Theory.

History Edit

Myuri first appears on the final illustration in the last novel of the original series as an infant. Ten years later she lives with her parents at their bathhouse in Nyohhira, and has never left town her whole life. When she hears the story of her parents' travels, she begins to hope that she will experience the life of the outside world one day.

Personality Edit

Myuri is a tomboyish but a very diligent girl who loves mischief. Being raised in a special family that includes both human and deity, coupled with the fact that she lives in a bath house, Myuri has little problem socializing with humans and fitting in with their society. For example, Col once caught Myuri fooling around in the bath house with a pack of old male customers and she was neither embarrassed about being half-naked around a bunch of naked men nor remorseful about the trouble she causes to Col who has to clean up her mess afterwards.

Myuri carefree and does not seem to pay attention to or trying to maintain her appearance. She does not mind getting scratches and cuts while having fun. However, she is afraid of getting her tail shaved by her mother.

Myuri is a sharp girl. She is aware of the hierarchy within the family and although she may not want to defy her parents, she knows that Col is likely to spoil her and will try to talk her way out of a studying session. She also seems to have romantic interest in Col as she has kissed him and even invite him to sleep with her on the same bed.[1]

She is not a morning person and, much like her mother, has trouble waking up early and helping out with the bath house work in the morning despite being a hard worker herself. However, she will immediately join in any foolishness if the customers egged her on.


Like her mother, Myuri has several supernatural abilities.

  1. Camouflage: Thanks to being cross-breed between Human and Wolf Deity, Myuri is able to hide her wolf tail and ears as she wants and looks like a normal human girl.

Quotes Edit

  • "Males are fools."[1]

Trivia Edit

  • According to the Spice and Wolf: Spring Parchment novel, she is 12 - 13 years old.[1]
  • Myuri is not allowed to use stove or any fire appliances on her own with the threat of Holo shaving her tail.[1]
  • Myuri is at the bottom of the Lawrence's family hierarchy that includes Holo, Lawrence, Col, and herself in respective order. However, she has been rapidly climbing hierarchy, threatening to usurp Col's position.[1]


References Edit

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